reenactor1Despite what Mother Nature is doing to us (Seriously 69 degrees on Monday to 34 and snow on Tuesday), re-enacting season is upon us. Time to pull out the garb and see what the moths have done during the winter, and see if Santa brought a few extra inches along with that fruit cake.

I have grand plans of different outfits, but first I need to focus on getting some projects done and checked off the list to keep my UFOs down. Until then, I need to put my nose to the grind stone, get things done, and make due with what I have. Dreaming of new garb until then.



I’m working on a dress for a client. Actually, it’s a chemise, corset, skirt, over-skirt and separate sleeves. PicsArt_1395971197819Just had a fitting of the mock-up and it worked out fabulously! I was so pleased at how the corset fit with the adjusting I had to do to the original pattern, to meet measurements. It made me remember why I love making Victorian corsets.

Fitting is so much easier with boning masking taped to the side of the corset against the skin, and the seams out. (My own preference)


This past weekend was the Kalamazoo Living History Show!PicsArt_1395285701161I got to see lots of lovely dresses, realized I need to make myself a new 18th century shift, since I can’t find mine (I wore my curtain-a-long skirt). Plus I got a new book on 18th century corset making, a book, cards and yarn for card weaving, and a pattern for regency hats. Chris’ F&I unit had a recruitment table there. He got a book on the French Navy and a pair of new shoes from Flying Canoe Traders. If I get more active with F&I, maybe I can convince him to buy me a pair of “Kensington” 18th Century Leather Shoes from the American Duchess.




Quilt Top

So, you may remember that I recently started working at a Quilt Shop (Material Girls) that is much closer to my house than the Fabulous Haberman Fabrics. While we don’t carry linen, silk and wool, the high quality cotton prints are amazing. They are so much more tightly woven, and finer than what you get from JoAnn’s.

quilts1Anyway, since starting to work at M.G. I have taken on blogging about my adventures into learning to quilt. I took a precision piecing class where I learned a LOT. I made a store display table runner (blues white & green), the owner picked the fabrics. (I also made the Mustang Quilt for C2 during this time) I then started on a quilt for my husband…

I decided I wanted to make Chris a quilt he could use to throw over his stuff in his tent for French & Indian War reenactments. I have this idea of a woman getting a few pieces of clothing that are stained, and cutting them up into pieces to use to make a quilt for her husband to bring with him on campaign. I read somewhere that 9 panel quilts were the choice for pieced quilts of the time, so I used that for a base and added borders around the edge. I just need to put the backing together and quilt it. I may just tie it.

Val Day 2014

2014ValDay17I had fun at Val Day. I got to meet Genoveva and be in the fashion show (and worked it down the runway, ’cause that’s how I roll).

I finished the German Renaissance dress this morning, adding grommets up the back after clearing off the breakfast table so I’d have some good leverage with my grommet press. I figured out headwear during gaming last night, using the Curious Frau’s Video on it. I was so psyched because I kept getting compliments and several people said “You look like you just stepped out of a painting!” It made me feel so good. :)

These are pictures I took. I’ll have more pictures of me in my dress once my husband gets them to me off of his phone.


IMG_20140204_204938Winter is kicking my butt. It’s driving my sinuses crazy and my dog really wants to go for a nice long walk, but it’s too cold for either of us. However… Since I’ve been working at Material Girls, I’ve started taking a Precision Piecing class. It’s been awesome. I’m having so much fun. The cool thing I’m finding about quilting, is the small victories. Each square, or part, feels great to finish, all on it’s own. MG-PPFabrics1It is so relaxing because you can see it coming together so much more fully than with a garment that may not look like much until the last step. This does not mean I’m giving up costuming and becoming strictly a quilter, but I’m definitely making more quilts. (I didn’t pick out the fabric, it’s going to be a store sample, but the design, called a rail fence, is FUN to make!)

I’m still working on my German Renaissance gown, but it’s coming slowly.


Learning a new Skill…

tinyseamI’ve been learning how to Quilt. Material Girls is sending me to a weekly class called Precision Piecing. Let me just say “WOW”. It is so much more exacting than I thought. I usually use 1/2″ seam allowances. “Scant” 1/4 inch seam allowances are REALLY small. I didn’t realize how much that tiny tiny bit makes a difference. I’m going to be posting my ongoing adventures into quilting on the Material Girls’ Blog.

PicsArt_1391058679125Also, I entered Quilters Dream’s photo contest on Visit Your Local Quilt Shop day at Instagram. I won! I got my package today, it was pretty awesome. Samples and 3 different sets of twin sized batting! Just what I needed to work on making a quilt with the Ford Mustang panel pictured.