My friend Maya and I went to the Grand Valley Renaissance Festival. I dressed up as a crazy fairy, she wore her Queen Jane. It rained. I was not wearing velvet. Sunday we wore pirate outfits. We saw lots of friends there, and made new ones.grandvalley2016

The local SCA group had a great demo/display there. Got to talk to lots of interesting people with fascinating hobbies. I <3 SCA peeps.


One of my bestest friends (and sister-in-law) was there selling her amazing new book Epic Cosplay Costumes. It’s a seriously great book for all new costumers.


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6 Wives of Henry VIII

So back last fall, Maya, Katie and I (Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour & Ann of Cleeves) decided we needed to get some people together and go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival as the 6 Wives of Henry VIII. We also decided not to do their portrait dresses, but rather in their individual styles. Because I seriously doubt they only had one or two dresses.

My favorite parts were the mini history lessons we gave, and when “Queen Elizabeth” saw us and went “Oh God, they’re here. All 6 of them.”


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My summer vacation

I’m so way behind. Lots of things went on this summer. I’m only going to cover some of the good things.

Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance 2016

Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance 2016 I went with my Mom, Memorial Day weekend.


Motor City Steam Con 2016

Motor City Steam Con 2016.


Maya and I had a lot of fun at the Steampunk Convention. We made new friends and got to hang out with old friends too.


Trish's Tea Party Birthday 2016

Trish’s Tea Party Birthday 2016. I adore that little cuttlefish!!!


Greenfield Village Pokemon Hunting

Greenfield Village Pokemon Hunting with my BF from childhood, and our kids. 


Link from Zelda, in the blue Tunic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival Aug 2016

Link from Zelda, in the blue Tunic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival Aug 2016. Made the tunic and hat from an old sheet at 10pm the night before…


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Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day Weekend is a big one in my house.

A) It’s near my son’s birthday.

B) We’re battle/military reenactors.

C) The Boy is in Cub Scouts, and marches in the parade.

D) We’re members of the Henry Ford, and they have a big ACW event there every year.

So here’s some pics of Saturday at Port Huron & the Feast of Ste. Claire.

PicsArt_06-01-08.35.39 PicsArt_06-01-08.23.51 PicsArt_06-01-05.22.03 PicsArt_06-01-05.16.07


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PicsArt_03-26-12.28.27I just added a new page to the site that describes Steampunk Fashion as I know it. I used lots of pictures from the different steampunk events I’ve been to. I hope to attend the Motor City Steam Con with some friends this year. I hope it works out and I can go.

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