The Best Laid Plans…

…of Mice and Men, often go awry. Because if a week’s worth of flood cleanup didn’t dig into my sewing time enough, Monday, we lost power just after I finished the rest of my chores. And I really don’t have much to do without an iron, sewing machine, or hot glue. I want a Treadle […]



Michigan Renaissance Festival part 1

Sunday, my friend (she’s more like a cousin, or step sister) Jackie of Literary Escapism, and I, went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It was the first time I’ve gone as an adult without my husband and/or son. It was so nice to just wander, watch the shows and not worry about anything. I even got […]

18th Century Hair & Wig Styling

Usually I leave the book reviews to my friend Jackie at Literary Escapism, but not today! 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling, History & Step-by-Step Techniques. by Kendra VanCleave This book showed up on my doorstep just before the flooding started this week, so I really didn’t get a chance to go completely fan-girl over […]




Beach front property with an indoor swimming pool… Flood waters in the street is bad. A foot of sewer water in the basement is worse. Having your stash in elevated, water & air tight bins, a relief. Having your sewing room on the top floor, priceless. I’m finally done washing the basement floor and purging […]


Ok, so it’s just a hood. I took some fabric I had and used it to make a mock up of my hood for the ASE competition. I tried 2 versions, and after some tweaking, I figured out how I want to make it. I don’t like the tube hoods that you find in the […]



Fantasy Wedding Dress

  So here is the Fantasy/Renaissance Wedding Dress I’ve been working on. It’s a white organza chemise with long bell sleeves. The rest of the dress is made from a washable (important for a gown to be worn at the renaissance festival) polyester shantung (taffeta with slubs to mimic the texture of silk). There is […]

ASE Costume Contest

This year there will be a Cosplay / Costume Contest at the American Sewing Expo. I really want to enter it. I just got most of the fabric for it. I’ve got some from both Material Girls, and Haberman Fabrics. The contest says you can enter any sort of costume, even an original character. I […]



Ren Fair Season

Hi there, Renaissance Festival season is soon upon us, and I’ve been looking through photos of Ren Fairs past. I’ve taken a few and edited them for fun. It’s a lot easier to deal with digital photos than fabric on days when the kid is irritating the heck out of me.   Share…


I am working on a paper piecing pattern for the Pharasma holy symbol for my Tare cosplay. Boy’s swim lessons are a perfect time for CostumeADD. Share…


20 Myths about historical costuming

There are LOTS of myths about historical costuming (which also ventures into the topic of reenacting), which can turn some people off from doing it. I’m going to bust some of those awful myths. (Also note, this is for historical clothing, not Fantasy/Renaissance Festival wear) Everything has to be sewn by hand. Depending on the […]