Ren Fair Season

Hi there, Renaissance Festival season is soon upon us, and I’ve been looking through photos of Ren Fairs past. I’ve taken a few and edited them for fun. It’s a lot easier to deal with digital photos than fabric on days when the kid is irritating the heck out of me.   Share…




I am working on a paper piecing pattern for the Pharasma holy symbol for my Tare cosplay. Boy’s swim lessons are a perfect time for CostumeADD. Share…

20 Myths about historical costuming

There are LOTS of myths about historical costuming (which also ventures into the topic of reenacting), which can turn some people off from doing it. I’m going to bust some of those awful myths. (Also note, this is for historical clothing, not Fantasy/Renaissance Festival wear) Everything has to be sewn by hand. Depending on the […]



I’m getting a lot done. Feels good. So nice to have a day to work on things. I worked through something, I had been a little worried about, so it’s done and off my mind. Here’s another couple pics, but you can see that the light really changes how the colors look. The trim is […]


It’s hard in the summer with the short one around to be able to get the sewing groove on. Any other Mom’s out there hear me on this? Doesn’t  make it any easier that cutting out giant trained skirts on the basement gaming table whacks out my back. (It’ll looks so awesome finished!) Got loads […]



Lots of things

I took 2 classes in piecework quilting which I will be putting up information about at the Material Girls Blog. Also, this past weekend, my son and I visited my husband at a F&I reenactment (and wound up staying for several more hours than planned and I got bad sunburn). My allergies & asthma were […]


Well, it turns out that I’m allergic to all the weeds, and grass. So I’m pretty much miserable when the world is sun shiny and warm. x_x I was able to get some sewing done, my Dad REALLY wanted me to copy his night shirt for him, so I made him a new one out […]


IMG_20140524_103403 copy

Allergies and such

My Port Huron reenactment trip was cut short due to allergies driving me crazy (basically hay fever trying to turn into a sinus infection and bronchitis, again). Luckily my insurance has been reinstated and I have an appointment to get tested and see an allergist next week. I’m currently working on the few photos I […]

Port Huron

This weekend is the Port Huron event. I need to finish a shift, and maybe a new bedgown. In any case, I really hope I get over these allergies as the pollen has made me really sick. Last time I participated in the Port Huron event, I had Bella with me, we had a hotel […]