So I am a big fan of My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie is my favorite. A group of us got together and made outfits to be most of the main ponies. We went to the Celebration Cinema in Grand Rapids and greeted the guests that came in to see the […]

Long time no post…

So this past year has seen a ton of changes in my life. Loved ones have come and gone. My every day life looks almost nothing like 1 year ago, with the exception of working seasonally at the MOT costume shop. I am very lucky in my amazing friends. Without […]


My friend Maya and I went to the Grand Valley Renaissance Festival. I dressed up as a crazy fairy, she wore her Queen Jane. It rained. I was not wearing velvet. Sunday we wore pirate outfits. We saw lots of friends there, and made new ones. The local SCA group […]

6 Wives of Henry VIII

So back last fall, Maya, Katie and I (Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour & Ann of Cleeves) decided we needed to get some people together and go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival as the 6 Wives of Henry VIII. We also decided not to do their portrait dresses, but rather in […]

My summer vacation

I’m so way behind. Lots of things went on this summer. I’m only going to cover some of the good things.           Share…