Memorial Day 2016 Part 1

Memorial Day Weekend is a big one in my house.

A) It’s near my son’s birthday.

B) We’re battle/military reenactors.

C) The Boy is in Cub Scouts, and marches in the parade.

D) We’re members of the Henry Ford, and they have a big ACW event there every year.

So here’s some pics of Saturday at Port Huron & the Feast of Ste. Claire.

PicsArt_06-01-08.35.39 PicsArt_06-01-08.23.51 PicsArt_06-01-05.22.03 PicsArt_06-01-05.16.07


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PicsArt_03-26-12.28.27I just added a new page to the site that describes Steampunk Fashion as I know it. I used lots of pictures from the different steampunk events I’ve been to. I hope to attend the Motor City Steam Con with some friends this year. I hope it works out and I can go.

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Western Vest

I made a western style vest for my husband for his birthday. It’s made from gray canvas and lined with gray silk dupioni. I used Simplicity 2895 view B vest. I liked the pattern with the exception of the pockets. I found many youtube videos online with much easier instructions and patterns for welt pockets.



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No New Sew Mo (November)November has some great ideas to follow, most notably, NaNoWriMo. There are also AEDMO, and also NoNewSewMo.

I decided to go with NoNewSewMo. I need to finish my UFO (UnFinished Objects). I have a LOT of them. Anything you’ve started on (which basically means, you bought the fabric and may or may not have done any more than that) counts.

I’m going to try to keep up with my progress here. I also totally forgot about this until this morning. So, to start off with, I threw out my back last night. Which means I’ll be cleaning up my sewing room so I can use my cutting table and not straining my back cutting out pieces.  I worked on it a little bit tonight, but then my back started bothering me again. So you get pictures from Halloween. 🙂

Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony & Fierce Diety Link from Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask

10249133_1647556205512974_1439668073_n 12122525_10153744257184801_7929359920938633476_n 12190015_10102577627570784_1742915456619782500_n

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Lack of Progress

I haven’t gotten any progress on the corset. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be working for a week and a half straight. I don’t see a whole lot getting done in that time. However, I was able to go to Greenfield Village, on a beautiful fall day, and get a couple photos in a bit of my 18th century kit. I didn’t have any pics in this bed jacket yet, so, I decided it was time. The wind was about to blow me away at times!

TrishGFV10-11-15-01 TrishGFV10-11-15-02

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