Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrate here in the US). Lots of things going on, yet nothing all at once. Thanksgiving was at our house this year, so there was a lot of cleaning, except for in my sewing room… That’s kind …

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I found a black velvet dress with a gold waistband at a yard sale, still with the price tag on it. I knew I needed to make a Princess Anna dress with it. The little girl’s Mom already got a long sleeved t-shirt to wear underneath. It’s not supposed to be …

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I finished painting my boots. I added a little drybrushing to make them look scuffed and worn. They were just about brand new and perfectly black when I got them at the resale shop. Still working on the rest of the outfit. Nothing that exciting to show yet.     …

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Full day school is the BEST! I’m so glad summer is over. The boy missed his friends, and I missed the “Me” time. I don’t really like being truly alone, but Sherman Tank makes sure that’s never a problem for me. I just need to organize my days now. Easier …

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