Lauren at Wearing History has issued a challenge. Since we usually only show the great things in our lives, to show things with a light of truth shown on it.


This is my sewing room right now. It’s about 8.5 x 10 feet. I have a hard time finishing projects, and I have a hard time getting rid of things I can find other uses for. I also suffer from depression & anxiety, like many creative people. I’m working through it with professional help.
I’m prone to illness and so is my son, and it makes me worry about loosing my job(s).
I always feel tired, and it’s a struggle to get things started, let alone accomplished.
I’m trying my hardest to be happy and not let things bother me. I’m trying to be more active, more social, eat better, everything.
One thing I learned while working at the Michigan Opera Theater: “Yeah, you can do it. I know you can.” 🙂
I hold onto that. I have to.


This photo was taken by my son. We were supposed to go to Greenfield Village with his class, and I had a Victorian dress I was going to make, but I got sick for a week, then he did, and we missed out on going and dressing up (the dress never got made) so I missed having fun seeing the kids get dressed up. I was so bummed, but he felt better by Sunday, he agreed to go with me. Then was so impatient, that I only got 3 or 4 good photos. I also only got 2 locations to take pictures at out of the entire village.
I think that’s all I can do for now. I focus on the positive so the negative doesn’t get me down.


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