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Real Talk

Sorry I haven’t posted as much as I’d have liked to in the past, well several years. I have been suffering from depression since about 2007. I’m getting help for it and making great strides, but there are days to weeks¬†where it’s just hard for me to do anything besides […]


I’ve been busy lately! I’m working at Material Girls, and the Michigan Opera Theater, plus commissions and my own outfits getting ready for Costume College, and the class I’m going to teach there. Luckily the Historical Sew Monthly is able to fit in with what I’m making, mostly. I need […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrate here in the US). Lots of things going on, yet nothing all at once. Thanksgiving was at our house this year, so there was a lot of cleaning, except for in my sewing room… That’s kind […]