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I am working on a paper piecing pattern for the Pharasma holy symbol for my Tare cosplay. Boy’s swim lessons are a perfect time for CostumeADD.

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Lots of things

I took 2 classes in piecework quilting which I will be putting up information about at the Material Girls Blog. Also, this past weekend, my son and I visited my husband at a F&I reenactment (and wound up staying for several more hours than planned and I got bad sunburn). My allergies & asthma were … Continue reading »

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Quilt Top

So, you may remember that I recently started working at a Quilt Shop (Material Girls) that is much closer to my house than the Fabulous Haberman Fabrics. While we don’t carry linen, silk and wool, the high quality cotton prints are amazing. They are so much more tightly woven, and finer than what you get … Continue reading »

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Winter is kicking my butt. It’s driving my sinuses crazy and my dog really wants to go for a nice long walk, but it’s too cold for either of us. However… Since I’ve been working at Material Girls, I’ve started taking a Precision Piecing class. It’s been awesome. I’m having so much fun. The cool … Continue reading »

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