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20 Myths about historical costuming

There are LOTS of myths about historical costuming (which also ventures into the topic of reenacting), which can turn some people off from doing it. I’m going to bust some of those awful myths. (Also note, this is for historical clothing, not Fantasy/Renaissance Festival wear) Everything has to be sewn by hand. Depending on the … Continue reading »

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Inspiration: DFWCG Regency Dinner Party Available Regency Patterns: Laughing Moon Bib Front #126 *New – WANT Past Patterns #031: Circa 1796-1806 Lewis & Clark Era: Empire Gown Period Impressions 1809 Daywear Pattern Period Impressions 1812 Bib Dress Pattern Sense & Sensibility Regency Patterns Regency Wardrobe by La Mode Bagatelle *One of my FAVORITES Made both … Continue reading »

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HSF #19 Metal

I’m only kind of cheating on this one. Historical Sew Fortnightly! The Challenge: #19 Wood, Metal, Bone Fabric: Cotton Print Pattern: The one on the back of the package Year:  Regency Notions: 1 package of Size 20 Buttons to cover How historically accurate is it? Not to the period, but covered buttons were used, just … Continue reading »

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My good friend Kendra & I went to see Austenland this past Saturday. I wore my new Regency brassiere. I tied the bottom too tight in the fear that it might slip. 🙁 Besides that, it was very comfortable. The movie was an absolute hoot! Kendra and I had a great time and we got … Continue reading »

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New Regency

Here are some photos of my new regency duds. The brassier is based off of the one here: which is based on the one at the Kyoto Costume Institute. (2 layers of cotton canvas and small zip ties for boning) The dress is from the Ravenrook La Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe pattern. It’s the same … Continue reading »

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