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6 Wives of Henry VIII

So back last fall, Maya, Katie and I (Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour & Ann of Cleeves) decided we needed to get some people together and go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival as the 6 Wives of Henry VIII. We also decided not to do their portrait dresses, but rather in their individual styles. Because I seriously … Continue reading »

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Renaissance for All!

Someone on the Elizabethan Costume Facebook Page asked about Renaissance dress/looks on different sized figures. I put this together from my 16th century looks. I also put together some pictures of different sized women from other women dressed up at Renaissance Festivals that I’ve taken over the years. All sizes, small, large, tall, short, everyone can … Continue reading »

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Renaissance Festival Part 2

I finally edited my pix from the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Laborday Weekend, Pirate weekend. We went with friends from our F&I group, they all dressed as pirates, my son went as a cross between Finn the human and Link from Zelda. I wore my cavalier dress. I got to pet 8 dogs, including a tiny … Continue reading »

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Michigan Renaissance Festival part 1

Sunday, my friend (she’s more like a cousin, or step sister) Jackie of Literary Escapism, and I, went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It was the first time I’ve gone as an adult without my husband and/or son. It was so nice to just wander, watch the shows and not worry about anything. I even got … Continue reading »

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Fantasy Wedding Dress

  So here is the Fantasy/Renaissance Wedding Dress I’ve been working on. It’s a white organza chemise with long bell sleeves. The rest of the dress is made from a washable (important for a gown to be worn at the renaissance festival) polyester shantung (taffeta with slubs to mimic the texture of silk). There is … Continue reading »

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