Princess Daisy & Mario

marioPrincess Daisy is (the orange one) from Nintendo’s Super Mario series. For Halloween 2012 I made Christopher a Mario Hat with a Burda kid’s hat pattern. I made my complete Princess Daisy outfit. I used a simple peasant blouse pattern for the top with some yellow cotton, and made a simple yellow drawstring skirt with the same lightweight cotton fabric. I used a petticoat underneath for fullness. The hip drapes are a silk velvet I found in the sale pile at Haberman’s. The corset is the same style I teach in my fashion corset class based on the Past patterns 213. I used 2 layers of canvas and it was my first time using thick zip ties for boning. It worked REALLY well.

The crown is a foamy crown with glass “jewels” on it. The earrings are the same thing. The gem in the center of my chest is a resin jewel made with a soap mold. The green is simply a green foamy behind it, and a white foamy cut to a flower shape behind that, made into a pin. Karmada gave me tips on how to make the chest jewel! Oh, and the hair is a wig. ;D

Princess Daisy, Mario & Luigi
Princess Daisy, Mario & Luigi
Luigi & Peach from another classroom
Me in my Daisy outfit.

I wore this to my son’s Kindergarten class’ Halloween party, and the kid’s reaction of “It’s a REAL princess!” was so awesome. There was a Luigi and a Daisy across the hall in another Kindergarten class, so we got a pic together. Then my son went out Trick or Treating with his BF from pre-school and they never even knew what the other was going to be. They are too cute together.