Regency Outfit

This outfit consists of many pieces.1812 Shift & Stays
First is the chemise. I used the Simplicity regency chemise pattern which is based off of Jennie Chancey’s Sense & Sensibility patterns.
Then is a set of corded stays, a precursor to the Victorian corset. It is one layer of canvas with bust gores. It’s from the past patterns pattern #001. This style is not for reduction in the waist, but to smooth the line of the belly and hips and to raise the bust.

1812 Bodiced PetticoatThen there is the bodiced petticoat from La Mode Bagatelle Regency Wardrobe Pattern. It’s made from an old cotton sheet and ties together in the back.

Next is the dress. Again from La Mode Bagatelle, the cross over front dress has a bit of modesty control with a drawstring from the bust to the back, so you can make it as tight as needed. It also laces shut in the back. The fabric is an embroidered cotton voile. I positioned it so that the embroidered border went around the hem of the round skirt, and on the sleeves.

The ribbon is a simple petersham ribbon tied at the raised waist.
The hat is a simple cotton gold jacquard muffin cap with a pair of scarves decoratively tied around it and pinned into place.
The mitts (which I can’t find right now) are a simple cotton knit mitt from a commercial pattern.

Regency Gown