Renaissance Men


Chris is wearing a blue cotton jacquard doublet, lined in a rayon sari fabric, piped in gold rope with padded epaulets and split skirting. His Venetian breeches are made of the same cotton jacquard as the doublet. His shirt is a linen/poly blend with neck and wrist ruffles. His cloak is a black, wool, full circle cloak. His necklace is faux pearls and his broach is a metal and rhinestone pin with a hanging locket that I put together, with a portrait of me inside.

Chris’ doublet pattern was taken from Simplicity’s Henry VIII-9633 pattern which is no longer in print (I don’t have any for sale don’t ask).

The pants, I enlarged from a diagram of an extant pair in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion.

I’m in my red wool doublet, and C2 is in his Edward VIII.

ChrisNDave3 ChrisNDave2

Dave is wearing a red cotton blend brocade with hook and eye closures, lined in a red and green iridescent silk shantung. It has flat split epaulets and skirting. His doublet was made, very, loosely based on a discontinued Burda jacket pattern for tall, thin men. Dave is VERY tall and thin.

dsdoublet3 dsdoublet2

The design on Dave’s Doublet is centered in the center back and center front, even on the skirting and epaulets. I love the rich effect that the iridescent lining gives.

chrisleatherjerkinHere Chris is wearing a leather jerkin made from 3 hides, sewn together and the seams hammered and glued down. A single button is the front closure. I used Chris’ blue brocade doublet as a pattern for this jerkin.