Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day Weekend is a big one in my house. A) It’s near my son’s birthday. B) We’re battle/military reenactors. C) The Boy is in Cub Scouts, and marches in the parade. D) We’re members of the Henry Ford, and they have a big ACW event there every year. So […]


I just added a new page to the site that describes Steampunk Fashion as I know it. I used lots of pictures from the different steampunk events I’ve been to. I hope to attend the Motor City Steam Con with some friends this year. I hope it works out and […]

Western Vest

I made a western style vest for my husband for his birthday. It’s made from gray canvas and lined with gray silk dupioni. I used Simplicity 2895 view B vest. I liked the pattern with the exception of the pockets. I found many youtube videos online with much easier instructions and patterns […]


November has some great ideas to follow, most notably, NaNoWriMo. There are also AEDMO, and also NoNewSewMo. I decided to go with NoNewSewMo. I need to finish my UFO (UnFinished Objects). I have a LOT of them. Anything you’ve started on (which basically means, you bought the fabric and may […]

Lack of Progress

I haven’t gotten any progress on the corset. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be working for a week and a half straight. I don’t see a whole lot getting done in that time. However, I was able to go to Greenfield Village, on a beautiful fall day, and get a […]