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I finished painting my boots. I added a little drybrushing to make them look scuffed and worn. They were just about brand new and perfectly black when I got them at the resale shop. Still working on the rest of the outfit. Nothing that exciting to show yet.    

Cosplay Progress

I’ve been working on some of the accessories. The air dry clay on the wand handles turned out VERY brittle. I’m working on covering them with craft foam for a faux leather look. The glue dries VERY sticky and stuck to my fingers more than the foam, so I have […]

Cosplay Progress

Not as much progress on the cosplay has happened as I would have liked. I’m going to need help fitting the corset to myself. I hope Mom’s fingers are up to it. I have however worked on some of the accessories. I picked out a pair of sticks for wands, […]