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Lack of Progress

I haven’t gotten any progress on the corset. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be working for a week and a half straight. I don’t see a whole lot getting done in that time. However, I was able to go to Greenfield Village, on a beautiful fall day, and get a couple photos in a bit … Continue reading »

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HSM #7 July Accessories

Historical Sew Monthly! The Challenge: #7 Accessories – 18th Century “Housewife” Sewing Kit Fabric: Hand printed cotton (2 varieties, 1 modern printed repro), cotton twill tape, twill interfacing, wool blend felt. Pattern: None, I used this page, and this page as inspiration, though I did not use ANY measurements, I just did it by eye and … Continue reading »

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HSM #5 May Challenge: Practicality

Historical Sew Monthly! The Challenge: Practicality May 2015 (So late) Fabric: Linen Cotton Blend Pattern: Elizabethan Corset Pattern Generator (Modified) Year: Mid 18th Century. Notions: grommets How historically accurate is it? Somewhat, silhouette is correct. Hours to complete: No idea, way longer than it should have. First worn: Not Yet Total cost: $15.00ish It’s practical because … Continue reading »

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Sewing Tips & Colonial Reenactment

Let me just tell you, the right tool for the job helps make the job easier. A table made for the serger keeps the arm from getting really sore really quickly. Also that anti-slip cloth used for placemats and keeping dishes from slipping out of the cupboards, that you can pick up at the dollar … Continue reading »

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Lots of things

I took 2 classes in piecework quilting which I will be putting up information about at the Material Girls Blog. Also, this past weekend, my son and I visited my husband at a F&I reenactment (and wound up staying for several more hours than planned and I got bad sunburn). My allergies & asthma were … Continue reading »

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