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The Best Laid Plans…

…of Mice and Men, often go awry. Because if a week’s worth of flood cleanup didn’t dig into my sewing time enough, Monday, we lost power just after I finished the rest of my chores. And I really don’t have much to do without an iron, sewing machine, or hot glue. I want a Treadle … Continue reading »

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ASE Costume Contest

This year there will be a Cosplay / Costume Contest at the American Sewing Expo. I really want to enter it. I just got most of the fabric for it. I’ve got some from both Material Girls, and Haberman Fabrics. The contest says you can enter any sort of costume, even an original character. I … Continue reading »

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My Pathfinder character is a changeling/elf that doesn’t know what she really is yet. She’s an Oracle of Pharasma and a part time undead hunter, part time klutzy barmaid. She’s only 5 feet tall, has long dark purple hair, long elf ears, one purple eye, one green eye, (which is why she hides one with … Continue reading »

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