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HSM #5 May Challenge: Practicality

Historical Sew Monthly! The¬†Challenge: Practicality May 2015 (So late) Fabric: Linen Cotton Blend Pattern: Elizabethan Corset Pattern Generator (Modified) Year: Mid 18th Century. Notions: grommets How historically accurate is it? Somewhat, silhouette is correct. Hours to complete: No idea, way longer than it should have. First worn: Not Yet Total […]


Patterning the stays. So I patterned out my stays last night and cut them out of some mattress ticking. I haven’t yet gotten a chance to sew them together. Probably not for a few more days either. We’ll see how this pattern looks once it’s on my body I kept […]

Happy New Year

And to begin the Historical Sew Monthly 2015, I’ve just started drafting my new set of 18th Century Stays! I’m using the Elizabethan Custom Corset Pattern Generator as a base from which I’ll make my pattern pieces. I’m going to use a combination of the corset pattern generator, the 1780-85 […]