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My summer vacation

I’m so way behind. Lots of things went on this summer. I’m only going to cover some of the good things.          

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Spring Revel

Sunday I got to go to Cynnabar‘s Spring Revel with my son. He was not feeling like going, so I bribed him by making him a Blue Link tunic and hat out of an old bedsheet in 2 hours. It’s close enough to medieval, and he has fun, no one minds. Most people are just … Continue reading »

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Middle Kingdom 12th Night

Saturday was Midrealm 12th Night. I haven’t really been to any SCA functions since my son was born. We used to be pretty active in Cynnabar, but I couldn’t make it work with a baby. Now that C2 is older, I wanted to try taking him to an event. It took longer than anticipated to … Continue reading »

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Halloween Costumes

  So it rained on Halloween, there was no way I was going to wear the Winter Princess dress that would just be a sponge for all that rain water and puddles. Also C2’s school wasn’t allowing costumes to be worn to school. So we went for a “under cover” costume of Ben 10. So … Continue reading »

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Winter Princess Costume

Today there was a Halloween event at my friend Kendra’s Library. C2 and I took his friend Adam, and we dressed up and did a little trick or treating and some crafts. There were lots of great, creative costumes. C2 won’t be able to wear his Link costume to school, but he had this event … Continue reading »

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